Tiles and Roof Coverings

Below you can find some pages about popular roof tiles and coverings. I have tried to create pages that answer common questions.

This isn’t a complete list, it’s more like a work in progress.

Roof and Loft Ventilation

This page offers help and advice for those who suffer from roof or loft condensation.

Lightweight Roof Tiles

Lighter tiles for use on roofs that cannot hold the weight of concrete or clay tiles… read more here.

Tiles for Shallow Roofs

Here is a list of roof tiles that can be used on low pitch shallow roofs. Some are designed for roofs as shallow as 12°

Dry Verge Roof System

The dry verge roof system is an alternative to traditional roof cement. Read more about this plastic alternative here.

Guide to Cementing Roof Tiles

I took these photos during a recent roofline project. See more here.