Below you can find a list of roofing related materials and products that I have either used or have knowledge of:

Bird Combs

This is a simple product that is fixed to the roofline at the eaves level and is designed to keep birds out of the loft. I usually install these when I replace fascia and soffit boards…read more here.

Eaves Felt

Eaves felt is used to replace traditional felt at the bottom of the roof, where it often rots and disintegrates…read more.

Downpipe Filter

This product prevents leaves and other debris from clogging up the rainwater downpipe… read more.

Gutter Cleaning Products and Tools

Find a list of tools and products for cleaning gutters.

Gutter Guards

Gutter guards work well at keeping leaves and other large objects from blocking the gutter system but they often struggle to cope with pine needles and roof moss which may clog them… read more.

Lead Alternative

This product can be used as an alternative to roofing lead. It has no resale value and will not attract thieves… read more.

Fixable Drain Cover

This cover can be fixed to the drain head, preventing leaves and other objects from blocking the pipework, fixable so won’t get blown away in the wind… read more.

Universal Chimney Cowl

The Colt Top chimney cowl can be used on almost any chimney with any fuel type, easy to install and long lasting… read more.

These are just some of the products I have reviewed on this website, you can find more by exploring the links to the right of the page.