Prevent Birds From Entering Loft

If you are trying to prevent birds from entering the loft space then there is one area where you should pay close attention to.

The eaves is the most common point of entry, timber fascia boards usually rot or are nibbled away by squirrels. This usually leaves a hole small enough for some small birds to enter. Also some roof tiles, if laid incorrectly can allow birds to get in.

The solution is to ensure the eaves level is blocked with a bird comb or other type of suitable filler. Bear in mind that existing fillers may be broken, missing or incorrectly installed. You may need to install only a small section of eaves filler or perhaps you will need to install it along the entire length of the property. You would need to look at the eaves and any existing fillers from the exterior of the home as it’s impossible to see them from inside most lofts.

Bird Entry at Eaves Level

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This is the most common point of entry and is the first place you should look  for birds. Some roofing tiles (not all) require a filler at the eaves level to prevent birds from getting into the loft, if that filler is either missing, damaged or incorrectly fitted then birds will take advantage of the safe haven your property provides.

The timber that the guttering is secured to is also another weak spot, if the top edge has deteriorated due to rot or from squirrels chewing it, then there may be a hole large enough for birds to get in.

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To the right and below you can see photos of a bird comb (available from Amazon) which is fitted to the eaves felt just behind the guttering. This prevents birds from entering the loft via the space between the tile and the gutter.

However… if your have lots of squirrels near your home then they will soon chew through the bristles. To counter this, you really need to fill the eaves with cement as well.

Stop birtds from entering loft

To Install the Bird Comb

The first course of roof tiles need to be either removed or “nudged up” giving access to the roof eaves (see photo above). On most houses this course of tiles are nailed to the timbers so it can be a little tricky for the average homeowner to do this. This is probably a project best undertaken by a roofing contractor or at the least by someone very competent working DIY at height.

Here is a list of tools and equipment one will need:

  • Hammer
  • Approx. 40mm nails
  • Specialist de-nailing tool (such as this)
  • Ladder with safety devices to prevent slipping
  • Stanley knife or fine saw to cut comb to desired length

Other Areas to Check

While the most common entry point is at the eaves level, one should also check the rest of the roof for:

  • Missing tiles
  • Missing cement
  • Damaged or loose lead
  • Holes in soffit or fascia boards

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  1. Jim O' Reilly26/04/2013 at 2:13 pm #

    Can you confirm if Bird Comb will stop bats from entering eves?

    Jim o’ Reilly