Plastic Drain Cover for Rainwater Pipes

On a typical property, the rainwater will run off the roof tiles and into the gutter, it then flows into a rainwater pipe before discharging into a  drain. It then makes it’s way to the underground pipework. Keeping that drain free from twigs, leaves and roof moss is important if you want to avoid expensive blockages.

I have already reviewed the best leaf filter gutter guards and some neat filters for the downpipe on other pages of my site.

On this page I will review a simple yet effective plastic drain cover that has some hidden features which make it much better than other similar priced products.

Did You Know That Roof Moss is The #1 Cause of Gutter Blockages?

See how much it costs to remove roof moss and prevent costly gutter blockages!

Plastic Drain Covers Blow Away With The Wind

If you have ever purchased a plastic cover for your drains before you will probably be aware that they often get blown across the garden with each gust of wind. A brick or other heavy device is required to weigh it down.

The plastic drain cover I use has fixing holes so it can be screwed into the wall thus securing it so it cannot be blown away. This neat yet simple idea means you won’t have to dig around the garden looking for an old brick or patio slab to hold it in place.

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Pre Cut For Down Pipes – and More

The cover has a pre cut hole for 68mm round down pipes and has cut-outs for square pipes and also some more cut-outs for smaller 32mm and 40mm pipes (waste water pipes) so you can connect other pipes neatly into the drain. This means less time with a template and sharp knife.

It will Cover gully tops to 300mm wide x 265mm in depth. This really is a simple product that is cheap to buy and easy to install. It is made from tough but lightweight Polypropylene so will last for years to come.

Where to Purchase

This item can be purchased from Amazon. Be aware of similar products in garden centres that do not have the fixing holes or cut outs.

Another option is to buy a drain filter such as this.

Other Gutter Guard Products (Check These Out Before You Buy!)

Gutter Hedgehog – This is a brush like product that is laid into the gutter, it is manufactured in 4 metre lengths and can removed and re-installed very easily.

Gutter Foam – This product doesn’t work as well as  I initially expected. Here is my experience of this product and why I will never use it again.

Gutter Grid – This is similar to the Gutter Mesh but is far more rigid, it won’t collapse into the gutter but does have large holes that catch pine needles.

Downpipe Filter – This filter only costs a few £s buy will prevent costly blockages in the underground pipework. Use with or without gutter guards.

Looking For a Quote to Install a Gutter Leaf Guard?

You can get a quote for gutter guard installation and other gutter repair work by visiting this page.