Roof Moss and Roof Cleaning Photos

Below you find a selection of photos showing moss being removed from the roof tiles. As you can see from these photos, no pressure washing was involved, just old fashioned brushing and scraping. Visit this page to see exactly how this work is done and how much it typically costs.

We have many more photos on our site but these cover the mos popular projects.

Photo Gallery

Replacing Fascia and Soffit Boards

Here are some photos taken when old rotten roofline boards were removed and replaced with plastic. Here is a step-by-step guide to replacing the boards and here is a typical price charged by roofline companies.

Cement Work – Ridge Tiles

Here are some photos of ridge tiles being lifted, the old cement removed and the tiles bedded onto new cement. You can find out more about this cement work by clicking here.

Rigid Eaves Felt

Eaves felt overlaps into to the guttering and often rots, hence why it’s essential to replace this traditional felt with a new rigid plastic eves felt tray, check out the photos below or visit this page about replacement eaves felt.

Rotten Fascia Boards

Roofline fascia boards tend to rot on the top edge, it’s one of several reasons why I prefer to remove and replace the boards rather than capping over them (see 5 reasons why I never cap over existing fascia boards)

Gutter Leaf Filters (They Don’t Always Work!)

Here are some photos of popular gutter leaf guards, some work better than others. I would avoid this foam filter if you have moss on your roof though!

See how this filter clogged with moss after a few months: