Moss Killers For Tiles and Other Surfaces

Thank for visiting our website here at Daniel’s Roof and our guide to moss treatment.

Below you can find a list of products and chemicals to kill moss, I have tested all of these products myself on concrete roof tiles, driveways and patios over the last few years.

When applying a moss treatment chemical to the roof it’s always a good idea to remove the moss first, this allows that chemical to soak into the tiles and between the tile joints, thus preventing early regrowth.

Further down the page is a list of chemicals more suitable for timber, decking and grass. You cannot use a hard surface moss killer on grass or in flower beds as the chemical is very strong unlike specialist lawn treatment chemicals. I apply chemicals via a 12 litre backpack sprayer but a watering can would also work ok.


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Pathclear (click here to buy) is best known for the weed killer chemicals they sell. This product is specifically designed to kill moss and algae that grow on hard surfaces, such as patios, driveways, roof tiles and brick walls.

This moss killer also comes supplied with a built-in spray nozzle so you do not need to buy a separate applicator.

Contains 10g/l Benzalkonium Chloride.

Dilution – Not required.

Pack size – 5 Litres.


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Mossaway by Ashland (click here to buy) can be used on most external surfaces including roofs and patios as well as internal walls. Like all chemicals to kill moss on this page it will kill moss and mould without the need for scrubbing, just make sure rain is not imminent and allow the chemical to fully dry before walking on it.

Remember – this product is dilutable so you get more coverage than non-dilutable chemicals.

For domestic and professional use
Dilution – Yes as per instructions.
Pack size – 5 Litres.


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Flexovit Moss Away (click here to buy) is another treatment product that can be purchased to remove moss from hard surfaces.

This chemical is also in concentrate form so will need dilution prior to application to either patio or driveway.

The instructions also state that it can be used on timber as well, however there are products on the market that are specifically designed for external timber (see further below).

The manufacturer also states that this product is suitable for areas prior to painting, I should point out that you need to allow the product to dry for at least 24hrs first.

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Deck and Fence Magic (click here to buy) is specifically designed for external timber, not just decking and fence panels but also sheds and roof fascia boards which can often become covered in algae and moss.

This product is concentrated so will require dilution with water.

You can expect a coverage area of approx 45 metres.

Bottle size is 2.5litres so if you have lots of decking or fence panels you may need to buy two.

As with most of the moss treatment products on this page you can safely use this product as long as you allow it to dry before letting pets and children into the garden.


MossGo is a high concentrate chemical typically used on tennis courts and other large areas.
For professional use only.

To my knowledge this product is only sold in very high concentrate form and is not sold via Amazon or other popular general websites.

If you have a very large area to cover such as multiple tennis courts and hundreds of metres of paved/tarmac etc then this is for you.

This product also has a distinctive sweet smell which distinguishes it from other chemicals and does deter pets from any liquid that remains on a surface.

Contains concentrate Didecyldimethylammonium Chloride 40% – Dilution 50-1. (Yes 50-1 !)


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Evergreen – (click here to buy) These days I only use one chemical to treat moss and weed growth in my grass and that is Evergreen 4 in 1. In my opinion this is the best product on the market today and has made a huge difference to my lawn.

As well as treating the moss it has also killed off most the weeds and the fertiliser has helped the grass to grow much greener and thicker. Areas that were once moss covered quickly cleared, the grass soon grew into the area and now my garden looks a like a bowling green.

I should point out that this product is strong and is best used with a handheld sprinkler such as this otherwise you will get an uneven spread of the chemical and the occasional scorch mark on the lawn.

2 Responses to “Moss Killers For Tiles and Other Surfaces”

  1. Arthur Loughran24/02/2012 at 8:12 am #

    Thank you for providing such well written and clear advice.

    I have scrapped moss from part of my roof and brushe down with a stiff brush. I am worrie that in so doing I have simply spread the spores across the roof. Can you comment please.

    I will buy one of the proucts, probably Pathclear. Can you advise on the coverage obtained from one canister. Are there any special precautions required during application, eg mask, googles, etc.

    many thanks,
    Arthur Lougran

    • ADMIN24/02/2012 at 7:56 pm #


      Pathclear does work but it isn’t dilutable so the coverage is very limited. Probably best for small patios and paths. I am currently using MossGo on roofs ( see – ) a 2.5 litre tub can be diluted, giving at least 25 litres, there is also a 1 litre bottle for very small roofs.

      For a terraced house I would expect to use around 15 litres of diluted product, for a semi detached shouse around 20-25 litres, Depends on the tiles and how porus they are.

      I have used “Patio Magic” on a roof recently as it can be found in some B&Q stores, it seemed to work very well and is also dilutable.

      I always apply using a sprayer such as this (small version here – ) also goggles, gloves and masks etc can be found via Amazon and are fairly cheap.

      Hope it helps!


      (there is some health and safety info here – )