List of Materials Used in Roofline Installation

On a previous page on this website I created some step by step instructions on how to remove and replace roofline fascias, soffit boards and gutters. On this page I have created a comprehensive list of all the Upvc materials that were used in that installation.

Looking for photos of how I remove and replace fascias and soffits? You need to visit this page.

The installation comprised 8 metres of fascia, soffit and guttering with one rainwater downpipe. The property was semi detached and we joined the new boards/guttering to the existing system on the neighbours property.

The list below would be a good guide/checklist for anyone wanting to replace roofline boards for the first time. I have included enough materials to complete one side of a semi detached house, including gutters, pipes, felt, nails and roofline boards etc.


List of Materials


2 x 300mm plain non-vented soffit boards (9mm thick)

2 x 150mm fascia board (18mm thick)

1 x soffit joint trim (“H” trim)

2 x fascia joiners


2 x white squareline gutter lengths

2 x gutter joints

11 x gutter support brackets

1 x running outlet

1 x external stopend


1 x 5.5 metre square downpipe

2 x 135° downpipe angles (aka swan necks)

3 x downpipe fixing clips (twin fixing holes)

1 x square to square downpipe connector/adapter

Felts, vents and other

8 x 10mm “over fascia vents” (they are 1 metre in length each)

6 x rigid eaves felt lengths

Glue and glue activator (glue is used to bond the fascia joints to one fascia board)

1 x box 65mm plastic capped stainless steel nails for the fascia boards

1 x box 40mm plastic capped stainless steel nails for the soffit boards

1 x box 5mm x 30mm gutter screws

1 x box 5mm x 40mm downpipe screws

6 x red wall plugs for downpipe screws

1 x 3 metre length of 40mm x 25mm timber baton to pinch soffit boards onto the top edge of the wall (prevents wind from lifting the soffits)

Clear silicone sealant to seal soffits to the wall

White silicone sealant to seal soffits to the existing white window

Tissue for cleaning

Gutter guard is optional

3 Photos From My Installation

Below you can find three photos taken before, during and after the installation:

Old roofline with rot and flaky paint

Soffit board fixed to rafter with nails

New Upvc roofline boards and guttering


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  1. busy bee09/10/2012 at 9:05 pm #

    Great site – excellent workmanship – wish you the best from Bridget @ dsm property maintenance.
    Wish you were local to us – if you ever need a Kent subsidiary/outpost just ask LOL!
    Keep up the brilliant web site its superb ! 10/10

  2. M Jackson08/02/2014 at 8:38 pm #

    Brilliant website. Clear instructions and images of how to fit PVC fascia/soffit/guttering system. It could not have been any simpler and clearer. Well done and thank you!