How Much Does it Cost to Replace Fascias and Soffits?

If you want to see some step-by-step photos of how I replace these boards, you will need to visit my installation page here.

I often receive emails from members of the public asking for an estimate of how much it costs to take off the old gutters, fascias, soffits etc and replace them with a new Upvc system.

It’s very difficult to even estimate a price when there are so many variables to consider (I will discuss these further down the page), but here on this page I will do my best to explain a typical quote for a terraced house (front and back) with good access to the rear garden.

The quote below is to fully remove the old fascias, soffits, guttering and downpipes replacing them with Floplast Upvc. This is NOT a quote for “capping” or “cladding” over the top of the existing boards (you can find out why I never recommend this practice by clicking here) The work covers 7 metres at the rear or the property and 7 metres at the front. There are 2 rainwater pipes that take rainwater to the ground. The work should take 2 men about 1.5 to 2 days, certainly no more than 2 days. I do not advise my customers to try and save money by re-installing the existing guttering as you still have to pay the same labour fee regardless of whether the guttering is old or new. Also, the guttering is the cheapest part of the installation, the most expensive products are the Upvc boards. If you are going to pay all that money for getting a professional up there you might as well pay that bit extra and get it all done, otherwise you will “double up” on certain costs a few years down the line when your old guttering is leaking and you need to get ot repaired/replaced. Also bear in mind that the gutter is the most visible and functional part of the installation – you want it to look great and not leak!

Are You Considering “Capping” Over the Existing Roofline Boards?

Find out why I NEVER cap over existing boards and ALWAYS remove them first (page contains photos)

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Labour and Material Costs – Terraced House

Here is a breakdown of how a typical roofing company would calculate the costs:

labour (installer) – £250

labour (labourer/lad) – £120

Materials – £435 (300mm soffits/175mm fascias + felts, vents, gutters/pipes etc)

Waste disposal – £45

General costs – £75*

Company profit – £125**

Sub Total – £1050

VAT – £210 (small traders do not need to charge this)

Total –  £1260


  • If the boards are of a different size the cost will vary.
  • Access issues such as conservatory/narrow alleyway or no side access to rear garden all bump up the costs.
  • Removing original asbestos soffits will incur additional costs.
  • Some companies will charge an additional scaffolding fee.
  • Expect larger companies with more overheads to charge extra.
  • Smaller firms and one man teams may only charge labour+materials+small amount to cover low overheads.
  • Also expect a huge difference in labour costs – companies in London and the South need to charge significantly more than those in the North.

What is  “General Costs” and  “Company Profit”

General costs – this is an amount that each company must add on to all quotes to cover business overheads, without it the company would be making a loss. By adding this amount the company will reach “even”, a point where they cover all possible costs but haven’t yet made a profit.  This amount covers things like: fuel, motor vehicle repair and MOT, van insurance, liability insurance, pension, admin and secretarial work, employers national insurance contributions, postage costs, computers, phone bills, waste carrier licence,  staff training, health and safety requirements, new equipment, repairs to existing equipment, advertising etc. All are costs incurred by the company and must be allowed for when costing each and every project.

Company profit – this is the amount the company expects to make as a profit on the project. So far I mentioned labour, materials etc and day to day costs but the company actually has to make a profit on each job. It is not acceptable for a company to simply pay it’s employees a wage and cover overheads. This money is usually used to expand the company and pay dividends.

What Some Customers Don’t Understand

Not that I want to moan or complain but I have met a lot of customers who think that a quote is achieved by adding two figures together; the labour costs and the materials costs. That really isn’t the case, especially when you consider the high costs of fuel and strict health and safety requirements here in the UK. A reputable company or trader will also have various different insurance policies in place, for both himself/herself and any employees or sub contractors.

See an Example Quotation

Not sure what to expect when requesting a written quotation from a roofing company? Here you can find an example of a typical roofline quote I would send to my customers. See the fascia and soffit quote here (pdf link).

I frequently ask my customers to provide me with the written quotes they have recieved from other tradespeople, it’s always a good idea to keep and eye on the competition :-)

I have seen some which go into far too much technical detail, most of which is needless and most likely intended to confuse the homeowner. I have also seen others which where scribbled by hand onto rough peices of paper.

There will always be variations, but I feel this quote is a good example and template.

What Are your thoughts on my costing estimate for replacement fascias, soffits and guttering?

Do you think I have been accurate?

Please leave a comment below.


2 Responses to “How Much Does it Cost to Replace Fascias and Soffits?”

  1. Acartwright 09/05/2013 at 10:49 pm #

    are your men standing on thin air?. no allowince for scoffolding.working off ladders is not the way.

    A cartwright.

  2. William Adams 19/11/2013 at 6:21 pm #

    Hi I am about to buy a house a large bungalow. The house has asbestos sop pits and wood facia boards. Roughly how much will it cost to replace with plastic ones.