How Much Does it Cost to Remove Roof Moss or Clean a Roof?

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I have been working in the roofing industry for over 16 years and have removed roof moss from hundreds of houses. On another page I explained step-by-step instructions on how to remove roof moss and prevent it from growing back.

But how much should you pay a contractor to carry out this type of work?

Try This Moss Killer Chemical:

This is the moss killing chemical I use to treat roof tiles. It’s also great on other external hard surfaces.

5 Examples

Here are my five examples for roof moss removal. Just choose which example best describes your property:

1) Terraced or Semi-Detached House – Simple “Up and Over” Roof

There are two sides to the roof roof (front and rear). The moss growth is not prolific but average. There is good access to the roof, no large conservatories or obstacles. There is no porch, garage or other outbuilding that requires moss removal.

Expect to pay around £350 – £450 for the moss to be manually removed by using a scraper and brush, the gutters to be cleared out and cleaned, broken tiles to be replaced, the roof to be treated with a moss treatment chemical and all waste to be removed from the property.

2) As Above But With Additional Garage/Porch

Property is a terraced or semi detached but with a small porch roof and a garage or small extension roof. Good access all round.

Expect to pay around £450-£550 for the work, as described above.

3) Small Detached Property With Garage and Porch Roof

Property is detached with a porch roof and separate single garage. Good access all round.

Expect to pay around £500 – £600 for the work.

4) Family Sized Detached Property With Garage and Porch Roof

Property is detached with around 4-5 bedrooms. Detached garage roof and a porch roof. Good access all round.

Expect to pay around £650 – £800 for the work.

5) Large Family Sized Property With Double Garage, Porch and Extension Roof

This property is large, with several additional roofs on the porch, extension and double garage. This work will take several days and there may be some access issues such as a conservatory that needs to be covered/protected.

Expect to pay upwards of £1000

How Accurate are These Figures?

In general expect to pay more if:

  • You live in London
  • There is poor access to the roof (narrow alleyway, conservatory etc)
  • The moss growth is prolific (can’t even see the roof tiles)
  • The tiles are very rare and difficult to replace should any break
  • You choose a company with more overheads (a company with lots of employees and a sales team etc)

Expect to pay less if:

  • You only have very light moss growth
  • You live in northern England
  • You choose a company with lower overheads (small company, no salesmen etc)
  • The roof is very shallow and the tiles are perfectly flat (like these flat tiles)

What Will The Roof Look Like After The Work Is Completed?

See for yourself, don’t forget that I didn’t use a pressure washer on these roofs:

Roof moss being removed from concrete tiles

See more in the Photo Gallery

Moss growing on concrete roof tiles

See more in the Photo Gallery

Clean roof, no pressure washing equipment was used

See more in the Photo Gallery


 So Should I Have the Moss Scraped Off Or Use Pressure Washer?

I never use a pressure washer on a roof, find out why here.

Scraping is the most gentle way to remove the excess moss, the chemical then kills off any traces that are left behind. There is no flood risk either and your neighbours will be pleased that you have sprayed their property with mud/moss/grit etc.

Yes, using a pressure washer is very messy!

This site explains why pressure washing a roof and applying a tile coating/sealant is a waste of your money. Contains information from UK Trading Standards.