You may think that an inch or two of rain doesn’t sound like much but when it falls on a typical sized roof, that inch or two can be the equivalent of several thousand litres. All this water has to make it’s way down the roof, into the gutters, bypass any obstacles like leaves, moss twigs etc and then enter the rainwater pipe before being discharged into the underground drain/pipework. If the guttering isn’t maintained then the water will most likely overflow or leak, probably onto the wall, timber fascias or window sils causing expensive rot and damp issues.

Guttering itself can be manufactured from several different materials. Cast iron is usually found on period properties whilst plastic Upvc is often used on new modern buildings. Aluminium and even asbestos gutters can also be found here in the United Kingdom.

There are several different sizes and shapes of guttering and not all are compatible with each other although some adapters do exist.

Below are some links to pages I have created about guttering. This part of my site is still a work in progress and I will be updating the content as and when I have the time.

Gutter Guards

Find out how to prevent gutter blockages by installing a gutter guard. Read more.

How to Install Plastic Guttering

I created this “how to” page after I installed some guttering to a property last year. It compliments another page I created in how to install Upvc fascias and soffits.

Concrete Gutters

Advice and products that can be applied to concrete gutter systems to stop them leaking. Read more here.

Profile Guide

This page explains the various different gutter profiles.

Repair Existing Plastic Gutters.

Here you can find products and advice on how to repair an existing plastic gutter system.

This website sells guttering and other products.