Gutter Stuff Foam Filters Do Not Work – Avoid

Gutter Stuff foam filters are designed to keep debris such as leaves and roof moss from getting into the gutters and causing a blockage. But do they actually work?

They are one of several new leaf gutter guard filters on the market – see a more comprehensive list of other gutter guards here.

Unfortunately these foam filters can become clogged very quickly with moss, and seeds can even start to grow inside the filter!

Here is the Gutter Stuff Claim:

Initial Installation:

Gutter Stuff Foam

Gutter Stuff Foam (see more in the photo gallery)

Here is the Truth:

Please click on the thumbnail to see a larger high resolution photo:

Gutter Stuff Foam Filter

Moss growing on and in the gutter foam filter (see more in the photo gallery)

This caused an overflowing gutter and water penetration into the house

This caused an overflowing gutter and water penetration into the house (see more in the photo gallery)

Leaves, moss and pine needles do not "blow away" with the wind

Leaves, moss and pine needles do not “blow away” with the wind (see more in the photo gallery)

The Problem With Foam Gutter Filters

As you can see from the photos here, leaves, pine needles and roof moss do NOT “blow away with the wind” (as claimed by the manufacturer – Gutter Stuff) instead they compact into the foam filter and create a barrier preventing rainwater from entering the gutter, instead it just overflows the front of the gutter.

Moss also grows inside and on top of the foam. I have read that this product contains a moss killing chemical but it should be noted that this will be washed off fairly quickly. The foam itself is a perfect breeding ground for moss spores – take another look at the photos on the page if you wish! 😉

The problem with this foam filter is how easily the debris sticks to the top of the filter and compacts down into a thick layer that dries and creates a barrier. What can happen when it rains? Simple – the rain hits the barrier and skids off the front of the gutter onto the floor below, or the wall, or both.

The Problem With Roof Moss

As you can see from the photos on this page, roof moss is a problem that clogs many gutters and leaf guards, not just this one.

If you want to prevent gutter blockages then removing roof moss is essential as the vast majority of clogged gutter issues are caused by moss rather than leaves.

Visit this page to see how roof moss can be removed and here you can find a list of tested moss killer chemicals, which can be applied to the tiles to prevent it’s regrowth.

Gutter Foam = Increased Maintenance Costs

This foam filter is not cheap to buy and can cost a considerable sum to install. How would you feel about having to remove large sections every SIX MONTHS just to unclog it and then re-install it?

In my opinion and based on several homes I have seen with this product installed, I feel that gutter maintenance costs will increase substantially should you have this foam filter fitted.

This product, in my opinion, is only good at keeping large broad leafs out of the guttering. Everything else, such as moss, seeds, grit, small leaves and pine needles just become trapped in or on the guard.


There are plenty of other leaf prevention guards on sale, such as the Hedgehog, a traditional mesh or even a firm grid. There are also several downpipe filters available that can prevent the roof moss or leaves from entering the underground drainage pipes where it could cause a blockage that is very expensive to clear.

Most gutter guards have limitations, before installing any such product please make sure it meets as many of these requirements as possible:

  1. Isn’t too expensive
  2. Can be installed, removed, cleaned and reinstalled with ease (not too complicated a task)
  3. Doesn’t have a flat surface that allows debris to compact on it, creating a barrier
  4. Doesn’t reduce gutter water flow



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