Gutter Mesh – Does it Work?

Thanks for visiting my site here at Daniel’s Roof. This page is all about gutter mesh – a popular type of filter that designed to prevent blockages in the rainwater system.

Gutter mesh is one of the simplest products designed to keep leaves, twigs and other debris out of the gutter system. This guard is suspended above the gutter by easy to install clips. Debris sits on top of the mesh until it dries out and then blows away with the wind. Well, that is what most manufacturers claim.

This mesh can be fitted to existing gutters provided you clear out any existing leaves etc. I often install gutter leaf guards when I am installing a new rainwater gutter system for a client.

As I have stated on previous pages within this site, the vast majority of gutter blockages are actually caused by roof moss washing off the tiles and into the guttering. Here you can find out how best to remove roof moss and stop it growing back. Also here you can find a list of moss killer chemicals that I use to prevent roof moss growth.

The mesh guard has been on sale for decades from various well known outlets such as B&Q and Wickes. It is still available to buy online, both Amazon and Ebay sell several different variants. It is usually packaged in a roll with either plastic or metal clips that can be used on the most popular types of guttering.

The product is best used on either semi-round or Squareline gutters, it is not suitable to high capacity rainwater systems such as the Niagra or Ogee profiles.

Where to Buy

The Gutter Mesh can be purchased from Amazon here or via Ebay. You will most likely see this product in hardware stores and in garden centres such as B&Q. Specialist roofing companies/yards may also keep a good level of stock.


One of the advantages of this guard is how simple it is to install, you do not need to adjust the gutter in anyway. The mesh simply lays on top of the gutter system and is held in place with the supplied clips that should be spaced around 500mm apart.

The mesh can be trimmed to the desired length with scissors or a Stanley knife.

Because the mesh is quite flimsy, it is advisable to rest any ladders onto the wall and not directly onto the guttering. A stand-off ladder attachment would come in handy of you have one.

Not The Most Effective Product

One of the issues home owners may encounter with this product is that heavy wet roof moss and pine needles tend to collect on top of the guard and cause it to collapse into the gutter, thus rendering this somewhat flimsy product useless.

If you do choose this product then try to get some additional support clips to prop up the mesh, it really doesn’t take much for this product to sag and twist. The manufacturers state that the leaves etc will blow away with the wind, however in my opinion that just doesn’t happen. Instead the debris collects on top of the mesh until it gets so heavy that it collapses into the gutter and causes a blockage

This product is also so thin that it curls up at the edges and becomes very brittle after exposure to the sunlight.


  • It’s very cheap
  • Keeps out large leaves
  • Easy to install for homeowners/DIYers
  • Cannot be seen from street level


  • Flimsy and becomes brittle after UV exposure
  • Collapses into gutter under weight of wet moss/leaves
  • Wind can blow it off the guttering quite easily
  • Pine needle get stuck in the mesh

2 Responses to “Gutter Mesh – Does it Work?”

  1. John bossard02/11/2013 at 8:48 pm #

    I also have tried a few systems without much success. The normally found gutter guard mesh roll is useless as the mesh holes are much too large. Sycamore seeds, pine needles and so on drop through them in their millions (I kid you not), so a complete waste of time. They, as you suggest with moss (we have tons of the stuff) can sag the net unless you support it literally just inches apart, but if your roof tiles hang over too far into the gutter this does not work. It slopes back with a low edge inside – which collects stuff.
    Fixed panel types are useless too. Our cottage is old and the gutters are close to the large wavy tiles, which overhang and often dip into the half round gutter, (you can barely get your hands in to clean them out) so a straight lay across the gutter is impossible. Also their mesh size again is too large.
    We do have a modern sun room extension and here I am using GutterGuard which is solid, galvanized steel with a fine mesh. Because the roof and gutters are brand new their spacing is correct and this fits no problem and is ideal, works perfectly – nothing gets through. Best system I’ve ever seen.

    The old roof however presents real problems without extending the soffits and re-guttering, which is overly expensive and I am coming to the conclusion that there may be another way IF it works.
    Fine roll netting held under the second tile up from the gutter, lying flat on the outside surface of the final gutter and projecting out over the gutter to be clipped to the outside edge of the gutter. This means the netting continues the same roof pitch angle, so no low bits for stuff to collect in.
    Everything should simply roll down the roof, the mesh and off.

    This should be cost effective IF the mesh size is small enough. The netting could be held on the outside of the gutter at intervals, though have not as yet decided how to manage this.

    Certainly worth a try! and I’ll figure out the fixing to the gutter as I go.

    Interesting topic though and one that will probably go on forever and in fact I’ve always wondered why the tile manufacturers don’t make a tile that is fitted just above and over the gutter to the outside edge, complete with built in drainage/grid holes – then it’s job done!

    • ADMIN02/11/2013 at 11:56 pm #

      Indeed, I have tried and seen several different types of gutter guard but the best ones are always those that allow the debris to fall off the front of the gutter. Tiles overlapping into the gutter are an issue for most guards and while the gutter can be re-aligned on a detached property, it’s not so easy on a terraced/semi, hence why there is no single product that is suitable for all situations. I did some roofing work on a house recently that has some foam inserted into the gutter, after only a year it had moss and seedlings growing through the clogged foam, will update this site with some photos soon.