Gutter Grid

Welcome to Daniel’s Roof and our guide to the Gutter Grid – a rigid, popular and easy-to-install leaf filter designed for guttering systems in the UK.

Below you can see a photo of the Gutter Grid, which is another product available to buy from Amazon today.

It is a much more robust product when compared to other gutter guards reviewed on this site such as a typical gutter mesh or even the gutter brush, both of which are often sold in DIY or hardware stores. The grid is designed to be tough and to withstand the weight of moss and leaves that may accumulate on the surface of it.

If you are a stockist then you will be pleased to know that this item is flat packed and takes up very little shelf space, you can easily store hundreds of metres of this guard on one standard shelf.

Better Than Flimsy Mesh

This product was designed to replace the flimsy mesh that for many years was the only option when it came to protecting the gutters from blockages. These old mesh guards really didn’t work very well as they often collapsed in the gutter under the weight of roof moss and wet leaves.

The Gutter Grid is made from much thicker plastic and can easily hold the weight of a house brick. It is also very easy to install as each 500mm length just clips to the next section. No need to remove tiles or re-install the guttering.

Easy to Install

The guard is designed for gutters between 110mm – 114mm in width, so that includes most semi round and square profiled gutters. The guard itself requires no special clips or complicated parts, it simply snaps together and sits neatly in the gutter.

You can find more information and purchase this product here.


  • Cost effective – one of the cheapest guards available
  • Easy to install even for DIY – each piece connects into the next
  • No need to adjust the existing guttering in any way
  • Will not collapse into the gutter when weight is placed on top of it


  • Offers little protection against pine needles
  • Holes are big – moss will sit on top of the guard and small particles will pass through it

If you are suffering from blocked gutters caused by moss then my roof moss removal page offers advice on how best to rid this annoying growth from your rooftop thus reducing the load that any gutter has to cope with.