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Thanks for visiting my page about gutter cleaning. In my opinion there are three steps you must take if you want to reduce costly gutter blockages: 1) Clearing 2)Reduction 3)Prevention

You can clear out gutters manually or by using the tools reviewed on this page. You can reduce blockages and general maintenance by installing a quality gutter guard product and you can take preventive steps by removing roof moss and applying a moss killer to the roof tiles. This last option is my recommendation – removing roof moss to reduce gutter blockages.

Trimming back over hanging tree branches will also reduce the amount of leaves and pine needles that can fall onto the roof and then clog up the rain water system.

Manual Clearing Tools

Gutters often span over areas where it is impossible to use a ladder, such as over uneven flower beds or even conservatories. This often means the gutters cannot be cleaned thoroughly without specialist access equipment.

This tool is specifically designed for those hard to reach places, the long pole comes with a scoop attached on the end is very easy to use and is designed with the DIY home owner in mind.

Bear in mind that roof tiles often overlap into the guttering and may obstruct this tool from extracting the moss and leaves etc.

The kit also includes a brush to scrape out the debris. In my opinion this product is too flimsy for trade users.

This product can be purchased from Amazon.

Find a RATED Roofing and Guttering Contractor

Check out this website and read reviews of RATED roofing contractors

Powered Equipment

The high reach gutter hoover which can be seen in the video below is a great piece of equipment for reaching difficult to access places such as:

  • Above conservatories
  • Above car parks and pedestrian areas
  • Narrow alleyways
  • Any area where health and safety is a concern

The unit is able to cope with both solid and liquids and can be powered by either electric or by diesel generator. Most manufacturers will also supply a rod for loosening the debris in the gutter, making it even easier to extract.

A CCTV camera system can also be attached to the end tip so you never need to climb the ladder again. Camera footage or stills can then be sent to the property owner as confirmation that the work was completed successfully.

This equipment can be costly but is suitable for small businesses and even homeowners who are having difficulty accessing their gutters.

Gutter Cleaning Fluid

When gutters become blocked they often overflow, this results in dirty water marks on the exterior of the product which looks unsightly and reduce the kerb appeal of your home.

When choosing a cleaning fluid for old gutters it is very important to choose a cream based cleaner rather than an oil based fluid such as white spirit, which should only be used on new gutter systems.

This product can be purchased from Amazon.

Want to Keep Your Gutters Clear? Try These Products:

Gutter Hedgehog – This is a brush like product that is laid into the gutter, it is manufactured in 4 metre lengths and can removed and re-installed very easily.

Gutter Foam – This product doesn’t work as well as  I initially expected. Here is my experience of this product and why I will never use it again.

Gutter Grid – This is similar to the Gutter Mesh but is far more rigid, it won’t collapse into the gutter but does have large holes that catch pine needles.

Downpipe Filter – This filter only costs a few £s buy will prevent costly blockages in the underground pipework. Use with or without gutter guards.

Looking For a Quote for Guttering Work?

You can get a quote for gutter guard installation and other gutter repair work by visiting this page.



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