Example Quotation to Replace Fascia and Soffit Boards

Below is a copy of a quotation I sent to a customer a few years ago, I have removed the personal details but this is a good example of what to expect when getting quotes from roofing firms.

If you get quotes that are vague and contain less detail than this, you may want to ask why that is so!

Here you can see my step-by-step guide to replacing roofline boards.

Here you can see how much it typically costs to have this work done on a small house.


Quotation/Purchase Order

Replacement Upvc roofline boards and guttering to all sides and elevations of property at (insert address here)

Works are as follows:

  • Erect access equipment to desired work height.
  • Remove the first course of roof tiles and set aside for re-use.
  • Cut back and remove any defective eaves felt. Replace any rotten timber to rafter feet.
  • Remove and lower to ground the existing fascia, soffits, rain water pipes and guttering.
  • Supply and install Floplast 10mm Upvc white soffit boards fixed into place with 40mm white Polytop stainless steel nails.
  • Supply and install Floplast 18mm Upvc white fascia boards fixed into place with 65mm white Polytop stainless steel nails.
  • Supply and install Floplast black Upvc round guttering ensuring all water runs freely to the outlets. Gutter support clips spaced no more than 800mm apart.
  • Supply and install Floplast Upvc rain water pipes.
  • Supply and install 10mm over fascia (hidden) ventilation strips.
  • Supply and install new eaves felt overlapping into the guttering.
  • Seal all Upvc boards to the wall with a silicone sealant to prevent insect infestation.
  • Re-lay roof tiles.
  • Lower access equipment and remove all waste material leaving the site clean and tidy.

Total  – £1950.00 

(There is no VAT to add to this quote as my business is trading below the VAT threshold)

The completed installation of Upvc fascia, soffits, rain water pipes and guttering shall be backed by a ten year guarantee covering both workmanship and materials. The installation shall also be registered with the product manufacturer – Floplast Ltd.

Notable Exclusions: All work stops at ground level, customer is responsible for ensuring rainwater drains located underground are not blocked. Work excludes two roof dormers (already plastic).


Below is a selection of roofline fascia and soffit photos taken from the photo gallery, they show what you get for your money:

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