Roof Eaves Felt

Eaves refers to the lowest part of the roof – often located in the vicinity of the guttering, where the roof overhangs the property.

Eaves felt can best be described as the roofing felt that overlaps into the guttering. In the past, traditional roofers felt was used at the eaves level however, nowadays a more modern rigid protection system can be specified.

The modern rigid felt is often used in conjunction with a replacement upvc roofline system. Because it is made from plastic, it will never rot and is a superb replacement for worn out bitumen based felts.

Below you can see a video showing eaves felt being installed to a roofline, I always use this felt when replacing the fascia boards. It is little bit more expensive when compared to normal roofers felt but lasts so much longer and is more effective at guiding the rainwater into the gutter system.

Rotten Boards at Eaves Level

Without a sound and waterproof eaves felt, the top edge of the fascia board will become rotten. This is caused by splash back from the guttering and also from any water that enters the roof via broken or chipped tiles.

Rotten fascia at eaves level

The photo above is a good example of how rot can become a serious problem. It is completely avoidable, a simple felt system could have prevented this.

This type of rot will spread very quickly once it sets it.

Replacement Felt Tray

The photo above shows the rigid eaves felt being installed. The first row of tiles are removed and the first few inches of the old felt are trimmed back. The new rigid felt is then nailed to the existing rafters.

This product prevents splash back, will not rot and supports the original felt which would otherwise sag.

Note how the felt overhangs into the gutter, thus preventing any water from dripping behind it and onto the fascia boards. No water marks on these shiny new plastic fascias!

You Could Use Standard Roofer’s Felt But…

Normal roofing felt is often too flexible to be used at the eaves level, it will most likely sag behind the fascia and possibly collect water. One could fix some timber such as plywood underneath the felt to prop it up but that involves extra work and materials. It’s often more effective and cheaper to just buy a product specifically manufactured for use at the eaves level – such as this rigid eaves felt tray.

Because it’s so rigid it won’t flap around with the wind and is more discreet than traditional felt. Prices are lower now than a few years ago when this product first came to market. There are several competitors offering quality but similar eaves felt trays, all those I have seen seem up to the job.

Where to Buy This Product

You can buy this product from most guttering and roofline installers, if they sell fascia boards then they should sell this product.

It is also available to purchase from Amazon.