Down Pipe Filter

Leaves, twigs and roof moss will almost always make their way into the guttering system and cause a blockage in the rainwater down pipe or even worse in the underground drain which can cost a fortune to unblock.

I have other pages on my site which address the importance of removing roof moss and treating the tiles with a moss killer to prevent the regrowth of this gutter blocking fungus. I have also created a few pages which cover the best and most popular gutter leaf protection guards available on the market today.

On this page, I will to showcase a few products that are designed specifically to protect the down pipe and underground drains from blockages. These products won’t prevent your gutters from becoming blocked but are still worth considering, especially if you live in a wooded area that is prone to heavy deposits of leaves and pine needles etc.

Many guttering installers are now fitting these filters as standard with all new installations of plastic guttering, you can see my step-by-step guide to installing new gutters here.

Filter Insert

Filtyer for rainwater downpipes

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The product you see to the right is a protector designed specifically for gutter outlets/downpipes. It is inserted into the top of the downpipe and will prevent debris from causing expensive blockages in the pipe. No specialist tools are needed to install this product and it is very cheap.

While this product works well, it does clog up very easily and requires cleaning every now and then. It should be noted this item does not prevent debris from entering the gutter, but only works as a filter to stop such debris from being washed into the pipe.

If you are concerned about expensive underground blockages then this product is another tool in your arsenal. It can be purchased from Amazon.

Bear in mind that this filter can become clogged with leaves rather quickly and may need a clean fairly frequently. It doesn’t take too many broad leaves wrapped around this product to clog it.


DrainSmart Filter

This product is designed to prevent blockages from collecting in the underground pipework.

It has a trap which can be easily cleaned out without the need for ladders. The Drainsmart filter is best suited to pipes that do not empty out into an open drain head but instead connect underground to the drainage pipe. The product is easy to install and cost effective. You do not need this product if your rainwater pipes already empty into an open drain.

It is worth noting that this product works very well at preventing expensive underground blockages but it doesn’t stop the rainwater down pipe or guttering from becoming blocked.

Gutter Guards

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The two products I mentioned above work well on their own but are best complimented by using a gutter guard. This will reduce the amount of leaves, twigs and moss etc that flows into the guttering system.

There are several different products to use from such as the Gutter Hedgehog (see photo to right) or meshes/covers.

This page has more information about readily available gutter protection products that I have used in the past. Most can be purchased on the Internet or from specialist outlets.

You can buy the Hedgehog from here.