How Much Does it Cost to Replace or Repair Plastic Guttering?

Ever wondered how much it costs to install a new Upvc plastic guttering system to a typical house?

The price will obviously vary upon location – London and the South East have higher wages and businesses there suffer from increased costs such as rent and fuel etc.

You may also see a huge difference when comparing quotes from larger firms to small one-man businesses. There are a lot of hidden costs involved with running a business, such as employers National Insurance Contributions, pension contributions, salesmen and advertising.

So let’s see some examples, starting with a simple repair. This figures are for a small company located in the south but outside of London:

Example 1 – Simple Guttering Repair

The guttering is leaking from a joint and this needs replacing – minimum of £85.00. Most roofing companies will not charge less than £85.00 as it’s not worth their time to initially visit the property and inspect the problem, do the paperwork (quote and invoice) and go to pick up the spare part.

Example 2 – Guttering is Overflowing and Needs Unblocking

It’s quite common for gutters to become blocked and there are companies that specialize in gutter maintenance. Expect to pay around £95.00 for a small house, £150.00 for a medium sized property and upwards of £200.00 for a larger detached property. If there is difficulty in accessing the gutters, perhaps because of a conservatory then expect to pay more. Also allow a little extra for spare parts that may need to be fitted, such as rubber seals/gaskets or whole joints.

Example 3 – Gutter Needs Re-alignment

If the gutter wasn’t installed correctly in the first place then removing and re-installing it is one option. If the gutter is more than 10 years old then some parts may need to be replaced. Expect to pay around £200.00 for a 10 metre section with easy access.

See Our Step-By-Step Guide to Replacing Guttering (make sure your trades-person is doing it correctly!)

How I fit Upvc guttering, a step-by-step guide

Example 4 – New Gutters to Front and Rear of End of Terrace Property

Remove and dispose of existing guttering system and rainwater pipes. Supply and install new Upvc semi-circular plastic gutters and rainwater pipes. Guttering is very cheap to buy but labour fees for a reputable roofing contractor can be high. Sometimes it’s worth paying extra if you trust them more.

Expect to pay £375.00  assuming there is easy access.

Example 5 – New Guttering System to Detached Property

Remove and dispose of existing gutters/pipes to front and rear of detached property, porch, small rear extension and to garage. Supply and install new semi-circular Upvc guttering and rainwater pipes.

Expect to pay £650.00 assuming there is easy access.

Areas With Poor Access

Large conservatories can be spanned with a simple scaffold tower system and large platform, but will obviously bump up the costs. So allow ands extra £100-£200.

If the property is on a main road then either the road or footpath may need to be closed, permission from the local council will be required. This can add a significant amount to the quote.

Save Money by Having Additional Work Carried Out

Plastic guttering isn’t expensive to buy but labour fees can be high for a reputable trader. One way to cut down on costs is to have other work carried out while the roofing contractor has the access equipment set up.

Installing new gutters along with new Upvc fascias/soffits is one option. If your fascias are showing any sign of rot then don’t bother securing new gutters to them, get them replaced with Upvc.

If you have instructed a roofing contractor to carry out a small repair, then ask them to clear out all the gutters for a small extra sum of money, this will be cheaper than calling them out for a second time in the near future.

Want to Keep Your New Gutters Clear and Free of Blockages?

Gutter Hedgehog – This is a brush like product that is laid into the gutter, it is manufactured in 4 metre lengths and can removed and re-installed very easily.

Gutter Foam – This product doesn’t work as well as  I initially expected. Here is my experience of this product and why I will never use it again.

Gutter Grid – This is similar to the Gutter Mesh but is far more rigid, it won’t collapse into the gutter but does have large holes that catch pine needles.

Downpipe Filter – This filter only costs a few £s buy will prevent costly blockages in the underground pipework. Use with or without gutter guards.