ColtTop – The Universal Chimney Cowl

Colt Top cowls are extremely popular as they are manufactured from metal and can be used on almost any chimney and with any fuel.

The original Colt Top was a huge success and popular with roofers and chimney sweepers alike, it was easy to install, had a detachable bird guard and came in a metal aluminium finish or coated brown which had anti-corrosive properties. There were also two types of fixings; pressure bolts or straps. I prefer the strapped versions but it cannot be used on a short chimney pot.

The Colt Top 2 Cowl can be purchased from here or from most good roofers merchants.

The newer Colt Top 2 Cowl is a more compact and redesigned version of the original, less obtrusive but retaining all the qualities of it’s predecessor. Here are the specs for this cowl:

  • Pre assembled for ease of installation
  • Paint coating in brown is highly corrosion resistant – suitable for smokeless fumes
  • Fits all flues between 125-250mm (5″ – 10″)
  • Pressure bolts are manufactured to 316 stainless steel standards
  • Strapped fixings also manufactured to 316 grade stainless steel standards
  • Can Withstand heat temperatures up to 200°C
  • Ease to fitting with no tools required
  • Manufactured in 1.6mm aluminium
  • 300mm inside diameter of the bottom of the cowl
  • Adapter plates are available for gas where flue dimension is between 125 – 175mm
  • Certified to BSEN 1856-2003-1

Prevents Birds From Entering Chimney

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The bird guard is a thick cage that will prevent birds from entering the chimney. It is pre-fitted to both Colt Top cowls but should be removed if using solid fuels such as wood or coal. It is secured to the cowl by four screws which can be easily unwound.

Coated Protective Finish

Both cowls are manufactured in standard metal aluminium finish but if you are using fuels that are corrosive such as smokeless fuels, then you should choose the brown colour coated one as it has anti-corrosive properties built into the coating.

Pot Sizes

Both of these products are suitable for pots between the width of 125mm – 250mm. However you must purchase an adapter plate if you are installing to a pot between 125mm – 175mm. Most pots are between 200mm – 250mm but you will need to check before you purchase this product.