Alternative to Roofing Lead (anti-theft)

Made in part from Bitumen, these roof flashings offer an alternative to traditional rolled or milled lead which due to its resale value is often the target of thieves who either re-use it on building projects or weigh it in at the scrap metal yard.

These products are made from high-grade bitumen with aluminium wire mesh embedded in the centre – this allows the product to become malleable whilst maintaining a high strength and long durability.

It looks like lead but is worthless once installed to a roof – DETERS THIEVES!.


This lead alternative has the following advantages:

  • No scrap value – will deter thieves.
  • Over 50% lighter then traditional code 4 lead – better for the environment and less health and safety regulations.
  • Lead free flashing can be laid up to 10 metres in length before a joint is required.
  • Malleable and heat weldable – just like lead.
  • Easy to cut – no special tools required.
  • Non toxic made from Bitumen and SBS blend.
  • Life expectancy of over 20 years on the roof.

Just like lead this product can be used in the following circumstances:

  • Stepped flashing.
  • Chimney flashing.
  • Roof lights.
  • Roof dormers.
  • Abutments and flat roof junctions
Lead free flashing, an alternative to roofing lead.

Lead free roof flashing

What Type of Property is the Lead Free Alternative Suited to?

This flashing alternative is suitable for any property/roof and any situation where lead was being considered for use.

Churches, railway stations and other buildings that are frequently the target of thieves will benefit from long term cost savings from installing a lead free product.


Roll length – up to 10m
Roll widths (mm)- 120, 150, 200, 250, 300, 450, 650, 950.
Weight – 4.75kg/m²
Thickness – 4mm
Colour – Grey
Cold bend – 20°
Composition – SBS modified bitumen on an aluminium mesh
Working temperature – Normal working temperature, can be gently warmed with heat gun if required